Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Website Creation

As mentioned yesterday the Love Zone has been the reason for my lack of blogs.   When I first started the Skeffling Blogosphere I promised to assist anyone who wanted to create a blog or web page.

Well the editor of the Skeffling Newsletter kept me to that promise, little did I know that she wanted to launch a website within two weeks.   This was from conception to finished product, it took six months for the Skeffling Community website to evolve to its present stage.   I'm pleased to say that she has achieved that aim with technical assistance from myself and a young graphic designer in Shauna Nicholson.   The last few days of the project were very hectic and the website was finally uploaded to her own web address in the early hours of last Thursday morning.

Toni has proved that with a little bit of help from the community, anyone in the village can show off their talents to the rest of the world.   For anyone who would like to see her creation click on this link "Love Zone", while your there leave a comment on what you think about the website.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Some of our new visitors may have noticed that on the links page of the Skeffling Community website is not allowing you to add your name to the Free Links for all page.   This has been targeted by spammers who have been adding links to some questionable products and services.   So for the past week the service has been suspended.   Once the activity from these individuals has died down we will re-instate the service.

If you would like a link on this page do not hesitate in contacting me by e-mail.

To all those that requested the facility to have a page where they could offer items for sale, that page has been available for some time now.   Unfortunately no one has taken the opportunity to list items that they would like to sell.

Regular readers will have noticed that this is my first post in over a month, explanation for this tardiness will be forthcoming in my next post.

The website Love Zone is one reason.