Thursday, 20 August 2009

Buy & Sell

Although we have Skeffling Chatter for visitors to write articles on the blog pages, it doesn't have the facility as yet to post items for sale.   So with this in mind we have now created an area on the Skeffling Community website that allows you to place text adverts for items that you'd like to sell or you can view the adverts to see if there is anything you'd like to make an offer on.

At present you cannot include a photo of the item as that would require us to purchase a commercial softwareprogram, which can be quite expensive.   If and when we are in a better financial position we will revisit the idea.

If you cannot see any items that you'd like to buy, have a look at these great deals from Amazon now.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Guestbook Development

Due to another suggestion from a visitor I've now added a Guestbook to the main site.   This should allow those visitors or have not signed up to Skeffling Chatter to post their thoughts about the content on "The Skeffling Community website".   There are links pointing to this page on the Chatter website and this blog.   If you follow any other of our regular bloggers a link will be placed on their websites.

With the encouragement of my blog and the Skeffling Community website a visitor from Lincoln has been prompted to do a similar project for their community.   If you visit their website don't be to critical at first because from my own experience it can take a number of months to become reasonably proficient in website design and construction, the link is Your source for all things Lincoln related

Rumour has it that our very own Newsletter editor is set to launch her very own website.   The theme being short stories of a confession nature, I' sure all her readers of the Newsletter will be eagerly awaiting developments.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Increased number of readers

Great news, after analysing the stats for July the decision to launch Skeffling Chatter has paid off.   There has been more than double the number of visitors to the Skeffling Community website, each visitor has stayed longer and read more pages than previous months.

What is surprising is the number of visitors from other parts of the globe, one that had me puzzled though was from the USA military at Menwith Hill maybe we're under surveillance.

This aside thank you to all who have enjoyed visiting our village community website.