Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Re-vamp Disaster

Tried to re-vamp the website last night to display the photographs differently, major disaster wasn't able to view photographs, some problem with loading the pictures. Have now reverted back to the previous update and all is well.

Apologies for anyone that had trouble accessing the website this morning while I restored the backup. Have now setup a mirror site to test out the new functions before uploading to the main site.

If anyone knows of a good programme to display a photographic album I would be most grateful, meanwhile I will have to experiment to find a more suitable method.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

No 71 Bus

I along with many others that rely on this rural bus service would also like to voice my dissatisfaction with the condition of the bus.   Its not much better than the old boneshakers that I used to travel on which were in operation 30 years ago when Connor & Graham ran the service, as you can see from the latest book that was published recently, which can be viewed here on the what's new page.

I've heard all the arguments that they trot out about it not being economically viable, but is it our fault that everybody now uses the car.   I'm not a car driver and this is my only means of transport, apart from my old bicycle which seems to get slower the older I get, it must be getting past it, besides that when I had my heart attack a few years ago I needed the bus service more than ever.

If the green lobby want more car drivers to abandon their cars they should protest and lobby this company, or they will never convince them to use public transport.   But in the meantime it would be helpful if the Gazette would run an article on this shoddy treatment of Eastend villagers and publicly shame this large bus company on our behalf.

I for one will keep mentioning this subject on the website until we can get a satisfactory outcome, and if those at East Yorkshire Motor Services do indeed meet our humble exhortations, I will congratulate them here for listening to our pleas for an upto date modern 21st century bus service.

Will resume normal waffle about technology in the next post.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Birth of a new idea

I've come up with the following idea to allow visitors to the website to give their views.

"Skeffling Chatter" is born, here you can receive an invitation to become a contributor to the website and speak you mind whether occasionally or on a regular basis along with others visitors. This page will allow you to tell others in the village what you think (as long as its not abusive or offensive to others) their will be no restriction on who can become involved, this is not just for the "Great and Good".

For those that want to get started now send me an e-mail

You don't have to do anything else apart from write you views, no getting involved in how its published on the web.

For those who don't have a computer and Internet access they can either find out if its possible to do it from the local library or a friends computer or just write their views down on paper and post or hand it to me personally (my postal address can be obtained by telephone on 01964 650645).

Help and advice can always be offered on which is the easiest best way for you to achieve this.

For those that have or want to have a blog that can become part of the website. I'm able to help in the setting up of a blog and integrating it with the rest of the website.

For those that would like a web page about a particular interest or hobby, get in touch and we can discuss your ideas.

NOW for the worthy part, I'm doing this project in the hope that people from all over the village and beyond can get together and become a true community and improve the quality of life for all.

If you have any further thoughts on this subject or things I have not covered please get in touch.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Voice your Opinions

As a result of receiving some feedback from a villager who has become a follower of the Skeffling Community Website and its blogs with its lack of a way to add "their" feedback to the website directly, I have attempted to find a way to allow this to happen.

Hopefully the readers will bear with me until I can implement the following suggestions and iron out any teething problems, as I'm not a fulltime professional web designer here goes.

  1. Skeffling Chatter web page.
  2. The ability to post your own views.
  3. Able to post the occaisional article.
  4. Help on how to do this.
  5. As uncomplicated as possible.
  6. Ways for those that do not have a computer.
  7. No internet access.
  8. Is it possible to have my own web page.

These are just a few of the ideas I have received from this resident and others.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Blogger Layout

Just about mastered the art of getting this blog to look and integrate with the main Skeffling Community website, as you can see I've added links at the top of the page; have'nt mastered how to show the same style of buttons though. Next task is to set-up a proper blog page for the Newsletter editor.