Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Trivia Progress

Its been two months since the new section was added to the Skeffling Community website.   It proved to be a mammoth job creating and adding all the quizzes, but according to the stats its proving to be very popular by increasing visitor numbers by 18%.   The new format of making the page wider to best suit people using the ever more popular widescreen monitorshas accounted for 80% of the new visitors.   With this success in mind the process of updating the main Community site has begun.   If you visit the main site now you will see several new additions, more about this will be explained on the Chatter pages as that receives more coverage than this blog.   See you there...

Monday, 21 June 2010


Hi all sorry this blog has had very little updates recently.   At present I'm experimenting with new additions to the Community website.

This new section is to add a bit of fun to the site.   Everything in this part of the website is to do with "Trivia", it will include all types of quizzes, horoscopes and other useful items.   If anybody has any suggestions on what to include please get in touch.   It's going to take a while to develop this area and the only link is from this blog, so if you want to see the ongoing development of the site before it goes live to the rest of the web please click on this link TRIVIA.

Hope you like what is on offer at the moment.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Parish Council

Have you visited the new pages about the Parish Council.   From initial reactions people are visiting these new pages quite frequently.

Its going to take several months to catalog all the information that the Parish Council has recorded over numerous decades.   If there is any particular feature that you would like included within this section of the Community Website please e-mail or telephone.

It is only after reading the minute book that I've come to realise how much the Parish Council has done over the years.   I've been particularly impressed with the current council members pursuing a green agenda.

The wind turbine they had built at the village hall has received well deserved acclaim from many quarters.